Burning Man:
The Movie

Approx. 110 mins., Super 16mm - in Editing due out 2013

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Burning Man is the definitive American cultural phenomenon of the turn of the century. Defined by active participation, the festival has grown exponentially over its 20-year history, from a handful of spectators to well over 35,000 participants, each with their own sense of what it all means. In 1993, Harrod Blank perceived something revolutionary in the freedom and expression of Burning Man. He embarked upon an extensive inside look and has been at the festival, 16mm camera in hand, every year since.

The film loosely follows Blank, as a participant/voyeur who participates with his art cars, and observes through his lens. The film will offer a cumulative look at the event and its growth, focusing on the array of artistic expression.

The relationship between exhibitionism and voyeurism, seen so clearly at Burning Man, will be explored in depth. Mirroring the community spirit of the event, the film will be made up of the work and visions of many other photographers and filmmakers as well.

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Art Cars Book
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Art Cars Book

This brand new 2nd edition of "Art Cars," features 43 additional photos, a completely new chapter of 16 pages, and the Camera Van on the cover. Published in April 2007 by Blank Books, this is the most complete and contemporary book on this vital art form. Author & Photographer Harrod Blank, offers a guided tour of these visionary artists and their captivating creations, along with their inspiring stories, colorful photography, and a how-to section full of tips on creating your own Art Car! Appropriate for all ages. (8.5" X 11", 160 pages, 380 photos)

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( Wild Wheels 2)
Approx. 77 mins., Super 16mm
In Release

What if you could morph your car into a mobile work of art, and drive it down the road for all to see?  What would it look like?  What would the world think of you?  How would you be changed?

Subjects featured include Blank and his Camera Van; world renowned spoon bender Uri Geller and his fork-and-spoon-covered “Peace Car”; Howard Davis’s “Telephone Car” an obsession-driven telephone collection; and Leonard Knight, a religious folk artist who’s painted his vehicles as well as most of an entire mountain in the desert as a testament to his faith. Weaving his own tale amidst the others, Blank, as narrator, is the glue that binds these vibrant portraits.